Sunday, 17 July 2011

Rainy Sunday : )

Greetings from tropical winter Mauritius : )
Today was a day at grandparents with family <3
The weather was cloudy and rainy but it was a wonderful day!
Got pictures of flowers,little bird friend outside before it rained and some other pictures : )
Grandpa also made us laugh ; ) The most funny thing that happened was that my cousin lock the door of the toilet but couldn't re-open it xD and was calling out not his mum but our aunt :D It was so funny xD

Pictures Started At 11.55am xD
Pink Roses : )
Pink Flowers : )

Little Bird Friend ; )
Love Your Neighbour xD
  And we finish this Rainy Sunday With A Song From Jennifer Lopez feat. Pitbull (Spanish Vision Of On the floor) ; ) Enjoy!! ; )


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