Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Posting Day & At Grandparents ; )

Alo Alo ^ ^
Today was again a posting day :D and only one postcard left to be send and then private swap by me will be pause for a while until i receive a few postcards ; )
Two postcards is in the post-office box sleeping and waiting to travel tomorrow and the other one will go rest in the box tomorrow too and travel in the afternoon xD
I'm so happy i was able to send the Seychelles postcards to Iga & Paulina : )
I hope you'll like them girls ; ) Let me know when you receive them ^ ^
Then I went to my grandparents : ) Wrote three postcards and then had lunch : ) Lunch was delicious :)
One of my cousin come and had lunch too but he ate really fast xD I was soo shock that i couldn't move until he finished hahaha xD I said to myself, if i ate like that, I'll surely go to the hospital straight away xD
Took This Pic Of This Plant Which Was Shining At Grandparents : )
Shining In Winter ;)
Thank you for your visit & It's already night at my end! I wish you Goodnight & SweetDreams ; )

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