Monday, 18 July 2011

Posting Day ; )

Today was Posting Day ^ ^ I had some pending postcards to send out and i'm happy i could release them out today xD For now i have only two left processing.. ; )
I'll hope i can sent it out tomorrow ; )
One funny thing that happened today was that i got all the stamps of a Chinese man for the postards xD Don't worry if you ever get a Chinese man stamp, it's still from Mauritius xD

The Post Office Is In This Building Next To Orange Telecom : )

 Iga & Paulina If You Reading This :P Your Postcards Will Be Send Very Soon ; )

Goodnight!! ; )



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  2. Hi Samie, this comment at the top I was wrote,but I didnt wrote my name ,so I write again :).

    thank you sooo much Samie ,for everything ! ^^

  3. Hello Iga, Ahh i see ^ ^
    Welcome sooo much Iga for everything and thank you sooo much for everything too! : )