Friday, 5 August 2011

Raining & Cold Friday!! ^ ^

Today been a raining day since this morning but got some sunshine in the afternoon and that was very good and that bring my grandparents,aunt and cousine home : ) I couldn't prepared what i was going to post today, so i propose you this little post :D It was quite a normal day today!! ; ) I wish you all reading this post a very happy weekend and thank you for making the effort of checking my blog ; ) I sign off here today with one of my favorite song of Colbie Caillat ^ ^ Enjoy!! ; ) <3 Tropical Samie ^ ^



  1. Hi Samie! :)
    How are you?
    I'm good. I have much fun lately, very happy time :D
    Take Care, my tropical friend! <33

  2. Haha, It's Iga! She tired of jumping on a trampoline and has laid on the grass, soo we laid around the bottle...etc. to make she look stoned.
    Then Mateusz came up with that we'll do a video about a girl who jumped on the trampoline, fell and died xD
    I know ... it's really crazy, haha.

    Greetings, Paulina <3